St Mary's Church, Bamber Bridge

PAS have recently supplied and installed a new sound system to St. Mary's Church at Bamber Bridge, Lancashire. This large impressive building has struggled with its sound for a number of years due the high ceilings and large reverberant space.

PAS were contacted to assess the problem and offered a demonstration of a Bose MA12 loudspeaker solution which was felt would help control the sound in the space and improve intelligibility.

The demonstration illustrated the level of improvement that could be achieved and for the actual installation two, triple stacked speaker columns were installed to either side of the main structural columns. The wide controlled dispersion of sound from the Bose MA12 speakers provide the entire main body of the church with even, clear sound without the need for additional speakers along the sides.

The system was set up with the latest in digital acoustic analysis software on an iPad which allowed our commissioning engineers to setup the system carefully, eliminating feedback and improving the intelligibility in the space to provide the parish with a modern, effective sound system.


St Mary's Church, Bamber BridgeSt Mary's Church, Bamber Bridge St Mary's Church, Bamber Bridge
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