Shrewsbury Cathedral

Having had several sound systems in the last decade which promised much but failed to perform, this busy cathedral decided it was time to source a replacement system which would deliver clear, intelligible speech to all positions in the building.

With a history of involvement at the cathedral and Shrewsbury Diocese for a number of year, PAS were contacted and asked to look at providing a replacement sound system which would give the church a sound system that truly performed and would give many years of good use.

A number of solutions were considered, but eventually a Bose loudspeaker system was proposed and a demonstration setup in the church which lead to PAS being awarded the contract.

The wide controlled dispersion of sound from the Bose MA12 speakers provide the entire main body of the church with even, clear sound without the need for additional speakers along the side. A fully digital audio mixer and router was also provided which enabled careful detailed setup of the system to be provided without the scope for unauthorised adjustments to be carried out.

After being setup with an audio analyser and the control software, the system produced the rich, warm sound to all areas and exceeded the expectations of the church council and clergy.

This process removes the excess energy at the reverberant frequencies of the church, maximising intelligibility and reducing the possibility of feedback. The digital mixer was then locked to prevent interference with the system.


Shrewsbury CathedralShrewsbury Cathedral Shrewsbury Cathedral
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