Office Emergency Lockdown
Communication Systems

Effective security and immediate communications for offices and commercial buildings is more vital than ever before.

The PAS Office ALERTER emergency broadcast system helps simplify the complexities of emergency communications, to inform staff and visitors of serious situations but also act as a tool for day to day Public Address.

Office Alerter gives you the confidence in knowing that your building or site is well prepared to respond to imminent threats during a crisis situation.


If pressed in the event of an intruder or act of violence, the emergency button will automatically relay an alarm tone or pre-recorded message over the site-wide voice public address system across the site to inform staff and visitors to follow lockdown procedures.

Additional panic buttons throughout the site can also automatically trigger the preset message or signal, and indicate exactly which room from which the emergency button was pressed.

Emergency Lockdown Facility:

In the event of an intruder or security threat being raised, activation of the system can take place in a number of ways, developed to suit the client's requirements.

One or more Emergency Buttons can activate a predetermined tone or message to take priority over the system if it is being used for any other purpose. Additional activation points can be located in other areas of the site to enable localised activation without the need to communicate to the main reception.

As a final expansion of this theme, wireless remote buttons can be issued to staff to trigger assistance and activate a lockdown.

Public Address Facility:

Having the capacity to make an announcement, to locate or inform individuals in a few seconds can be an important resource for everyday issues as well as for emergency and security issues. Our systems are 100% audio based and therefore are designed to deliver good quality speech for routine and emergency situations.

When using the system for general public address announcements, our Officel Alerter systems can be zoned to ensure messages only go to the necessary areas.

We can link buildings together if required via the IT network to combine into a unified site wide system.

Several Systems In One

In addition to acting as an emergency lockdown system, Office ALERTER can also…

  • Enable Public Address broadcasts to be made to all or part of the site.

  • Signal shift change times automatically throughout the week.

  • Provide the means for pre-recorded messages to be broadcast for other events.

  • Signal an out of hours door bell across the site.


Our emergency notification systems offer a versatile approach to ensure your site communicates effectively and runs on time with the following benefits:

  • Emergency lockdown tones and messages to notify the site immediately of a situation.

  • Single or multiple activation points throughout the site with wireless remote control options.

  • Quick and effective voice message communication to locate staff.

  • Messages can be announced via microphone either over the whole site or to specific zones.

  • Different zones within the building can be created, each having specific announcements.

  • Customised pre-recorded announcements can be created for special events (including evacuation and lockdown).

  • Music can be broadcast to selected areas at certain times.

To ensure greater reliability in a situation:

  • Our emergency alarm systems do not operate wirelessly, when communication is vital, a cabled solution ensures operation.

  • Battery backup is available as an option, in the event of a mains failure the system will work.

  • We tailor each system to suit the building/site with speakers to provide clear, intelligible speech, essential when emergency communications are required.

  • Our systems are developed with thirty years experience of design and installation of commercial audio systems, we know what works well!

  • We choose products from various manufacturers to suit any acoustic or performance requirement, to ensure the best performance.

  • Our experience of providing voice evacuation systems for large public buildings allows us to draw on that knowledge to develop emergency broadcast systems for office and commercial sites with confidence.

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