Metropolitan Cathedral

The Roman Catholic Cathedral of Liverpool has since its opening in 1968, suffered from highly reverberant acoustics which resulted in numerous complaints of "not being able to hear" and "can't understand what's being said".

Despite several attempts over that time to improve matters, the technical products and know how were not available to make any significant improvements to the sound quality for congregations.

Having been a long time supplier to the Liverpool Archdiocese, PAS Sound became involved with leading sound consultant Peter Mapp to assess products, trial equipment and ultimately supply and install a complex system to "conquer" this difficult building.

Having selected state of the art, electronically steerable line array column speakers, to cover the wide seating areas, custom built enclosures were developed to envelop the speakers and create features which otherwise would be impossible to hide. Additionally ancillary loudspeakers where installed in galleries and foyer areas, with an new induction loop system covering the main worship area.

After many hours careful setup by PC, the system produced an end result which has exceeded expectations. The resultant columns and sound systems have been successful in improving the sound quality which have since received many favourable comments. Sound is "steered" towards the listener in all directions of the seating which enables the reflections from the hard surfaces to be minimised. Levels at the rear seats is clear and intelligible, eliminating the complaints of the past. A very successful end result for all concerned.


Liverpool Metropolitan CathedralLiverpool Metropolitan Cathedral
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