Chester Zoo

PAS were called into Chester Zoo in 2005 to
assess problematic and underperforming sound
systems in several areas of the site.

We provided new equipment and discrete installations to these areas which improved the sound quality and reliability hugely and met with the approval of zoo staff.

Since then we have provided new systems to the Jaguar, Cheetah, Tiger, Lion, Elephant, Rhino and Giant Otter attractions at the site and have provided maintenance on several other systems used for presentations at the various animal enclosures.

Our installation engineers have carried out many of the schemes with discrete wiring and loudspeaker placement, whilst trying to maintain a high quality of performance at each location. This has resulted in some ingenious speaker selection and placement, very close to the actual animals that have at times been very inquisitive!

Our working relationship with the staff on site has flourished over this time and we are able to meet the many restrictions and constraints of working in such a difficult site.


Chester ZooChester Zoo Chester Zoo
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